2 New Things about Moneybags.ie

As a graduate in my first professional job in Ireland I found that there was no where I could turn to get adequate information on everyday financial decisions and what steps I should take now to achieve my goals such as buying a house, making investments for the future or joining the company’s pension scheme.

I have built moneybags.ie so that others have enough information to make informed financial decisions and enable them to achieve their financial goals.

So we are pleased to announce 2 cool and useful new features on moneybags.ie which I hope our users will also find useful!

1) Clickthroughs to providers of financial products. There is so much information on banks websites that it can be hard to find exactly the area you are looking for. So –now if you click on the name of the provider you will be brought to relevant area of that banks website.

2) Live currency exchange rates provided by currency fair. There is now a live online currency calculator on our currency page that provides accurate rates and calculates how much you would save by using currency fair for foreign exchange.

Hope you find these useful & would love to hear your thoughts – email us at moneybagsie@gmail.com

Revolut – an easier way to save money on Foreign Exchange

Having recently travelled to the UK I decided to download the Revolut App to get sterling and was suprised with how easy it was to use as well as offering competitive exchange rates.

How it works – you download the revolut app and setup a profile and link with your credit/debit card. You can then request to have a revolut card sent out to you, which is a mastercard debit card that can be used in most shops or to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Then you can top up the app in Euro and change it to any currency you wish and then either spend using the card in shops or withdrawing at an ATM.

There is no charge for withdrawing up to £500 cash a month at an ATM after which there is a 2% charge.

It offers an extremely competitive exchange rate as well as being easy to use. I found it saved me money as I was not left with too much sterling cash after my trip and could easily convert my £ back to €.

Revolut – give it a shot and learn more at revolut.com.